Canopic Studio was founded in 2017 by husband and wife team Curran & Claire Wedner in Los Angeles, CA. Curran conceives and creates the artwork while Claire supports production and manages the business. The name Canopic refers to ceremonial vessels used to hold human organs in ancient Egyptian mummification- a literal merging of body and vessel in service of spiritual ascension.

Much of our inspiration comes from ancient history where we find the body ritually contained. For example, the bog bodies of Northern Europe are contained by the bogs themselves, magical places wherein nothing decays and perhaps even the soul is confined. Further inspiration comes from the simple desire to get closer to art- to make fascinating, finely crafted objects designed to physically interact with the collector on a daily basis. So much art today just hangs on the wall, isolated behind a velvet rope while we politely observe from a distance and a team of conservators work around the clock to stave off decay. Canopic Studio embraces decay and we proudly display it on all our works. We do not associate decay with disintegration or fragility, but rather the otherworldly permanence of dinosaur fossils, petrified forests, and Paleolithic mummies. 

We value durability over fragility, high quality over mass quantity, and weirdness over normalcy. All work from Canopic Studio is artist-made and artist-sold. We are committed to working directly with collectors and cultivating a community around our shared vision. Releases occur monthly and, on occasion, bimonthly with surprise releases sprinkled in. Most work is sold through the Canopic Studio Etsy store and we also accommodate a small number of private sales each month (contact us directly with inquiries). Follow us on Instagram to keep up with the latest from Canopic Studio and don’t hesitate to reach out! DM us on Instagram or send an email to canopicstudio@gmail.com and we will respond.